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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm a Philadelphian hobbyist artist that loves Metal, Gaming and all things Sci-Fi, and some Fantasy too.

My programs of choice are Painttool Sai and Photoshop CS5, and I sketch mostly by pencil.

Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke Trades - On Hold by SweetDuke Requests - On Hold by SweetDukeCollaborations - Friends Only by SweetDuke Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke

I do commissions too. Hit me up with a note for prices and details.

Traditional sketch - $10…

Line art - $15…

Colored sketch (monochrome to gradient)- $20……

Black and White inkwork- $20……

Fully colored character (white background or transparent) -$30……

Fully colored character with background (color gradient or otherwise) - $35…

$10 for each additional character

Additional $20 for NSFW/smut pictures

I generally start a commission once I receive payment via Paypal. And I only accept USD. And I don't do point commissions, sorry.

Thanks for the visit!

Favs with comments by KaleidoKittles
First off, I HATE dA's new layout from this update. Just to quickly get that out of the way.

Second, this is really for those who play Destiny, the the 'end game' or more specifically Destiny's Raids are.....really not worth it.

If you're a Destiny player you've probably heard of the Raids, the hardest challenge to tackle in the game. And yes, it is difficult even on Normal. The fact you that you need 5 other players to open the fucking front door says alot. And did I mention there's no matchmaking in Raids? YAY!!! *sarcastic voice* So unless those 5 others are your close personals, you'll be crying and pleading to random folks on the Tower hoping they'll join your party. Or you can do what I do and whore yourself out on Reddit for a raiding party, lol. The funny thing is that the Raid, or at least the only available one at launch (Vault of Glass) is not _that_ difficult, it's working with your team really. You gotta coordinate, chat online, be at a decent level (above 27) with maxed out weapons, and well....just not fuck up really. But not everyone is not at the same skill level. You'll have lower leveled players holding you down, or raid newbies that need to be taught where to go and such. The phases of the VoG raid itself is somewhat easy to remember after doing it, and it can be fun playing with experienced raiders with maxed out gear. Fun,.....yeah. But here's where the fun dies for me....

THE RNG!!!!!! 

I swear, Destiny's RNG based loot system has me up the fucking wall!! You can complete a Raid with flying colors but you are still at the mercy of RNG, meaning what you get after every checkpoint is completely RANDOM! From Raid gear like the Gun of Atheon (whatever the fuck it's called, I honestly don't care), exotics like Patience and Time or crappy Ascendant Shards, its all random, even the chests too. I've done the VoG raid 3 times, twice on Normal and once on Hard. For the first two runs I got Shards and a ship design, and on Hard I got the Chatterwhite shader. During those runs I got nothing but Energy and Shards from loot chests, oh and a useless uncommon sniper rifle.

Whole, bull, shit.

If it's all random I have no need or desire to play Raids. It is a hell of alot more challenging than Strikes, and once you know what you're doing it can be a little fun. But I've gotten better rewards from playing lvl 24 Strikes than the Raid on hard mode. You can get better drops the more you play, but you can only get rewarded once per week. Once_per_friggin_week.

Destiny's loot system is horrid. It's not based on your 'epic adventures and glorious feats' as they said. It's all luck and randomness. I've seen terrible Crucible players get exotics and Legendary engrams and here I get a score of 30 kills and 2 deaths for the win, and receive not a thing. I mean not even a single rare engram, I was only the guy who won us that game after all. But whatever. Point is, Destiny's raids (for me) is not worth the trouble. If Bungie patches this and you're guaranteed a Legendary or Exotic than I'll play Raids, sure. At it's current state though, I definitely will not.
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My Tumblrs

Here you'll find my sketches, wips, and my somewhat unhealthy obsession with Legend of Korra/Avatar The Last Airbender.

"Click it!!":iconthefonzplz:

Oh, and my Tumblr account for pronz :iconstudmuffinplz: "Hmmm~?"

What upcoming holidays are you most excited for? 

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